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Significant Differences between my 17 Years of Actively Pursuing the Formality of Buddhism versus 6 Years of Listening to the Buddha Dharma of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

Significant Differences between my 17 Years of Actively Pursuing the Formality of Buddhism versus 6 Years of Listening to the Buddha Dharma of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

I’m 72 years old this year and have been learning Buddhism for 23 years. On the surface, I appeared to be a ‘senior’ Buddhist disciple. As a matter of fact, I was spending those years aimlessly pursuing the formality of Buddhism and carelessly allowed time to elapse until 6 years ago when I realized what authentic Buddhism was by participating in an event of chanting sutras for the deceased.
I used to consider myself as a Buddhist practitioner who recites the holy name of Buddha. I managed to play common dharma instruments and chant the verses of praise despite the fact that I was illiterate. I became a leader of the laypeople. I did my best in making charitable contributions to Buddhist temples. I jumped on every opportunity to follow dharma teachers to participate in Buddhist affairs and help others together with a group of laypeople.  While I thought I accumulated merits from what I did, I benefitted little from my Buddhist practices.
There came a karmic affinity when I was invited to do chanting for a Buddhist brother who passed away. Buddhist brothers and sisters from various areas gathered together to do the chanting continuously day and night for the deceased. However, their chanting was quite different from mine. What was it? I wondered. Then, I witnessed an auspicious feat where relics were found after the cremation. I have helped in many chanting occasions for deceased practitioners and yet, have never seen anything like this before. After contemplating on the feat, I came to realize that the relics were manifestations of the achievements of the deceased Buddhist brother. Who was his master? I wanted to learn from him as well!
The thought stayed in my mind even after the event. I found out by asking around that the Buddhist brother listened to the prerecorded dharma discourses expounded by H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. He accumulated great merits and achieved accomplishment by practicing the dharma in accordance with the teachings. I couldn’t wait to visit a center to participate in listening respectfully to the Buddha Dharma expounded by H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The Buddha expounded the Dharma comprehensively and thoroughly, which really fascinated me. I embraced myself with the teachings of the Dharma, which quenched my thirst, satisfied my hunger, and seemingly created a sea of Buddha Dharma for me to dive in. I gained great joy from listening to the dharma. Therefore, I called and invited my younger brothers and sisters to visit the center. They listened to the Dharma expounded by H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III with my assistance. My two younger sisters, two sisters-in-law, and I all passed the exam and became Masters of Dharma-Listening Sessions. Together as a family, we learned Buddha Dharma and cultivated ourselves to benefit living beings.
The teachings from Namo H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III allowed me to understand the relation between the cause and the effect and how if there was a cause, there would be always its effect. In the past, I didn’t understand the true meaning of the Dharma and thought self-cultivationmeant chanting sutras. Cultivating oneself means that practitioners take the Buddha as their role model and mind their physical, verbal and mental karma by following those of the Buddha’s to modify their own words and actions and to correct their habitual behaviors. I benefitted a lot from listening to the Buddha Dharma. I not only practiced it but also promoted it. With the collaboration among a lot of people over the years, more than twenty Buddhist centers of various sizes were established. There were more than twenty group cultivation sessions held each month. I was grateful for the empowerment from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, which caused the positive karmic affinities of the living beings to come together so the Bodhi seeds were planted and waited to blossom one day.
Life is impermanent and time awaits no one. I respectfully listen to the Buddha Dharma every day. I oblige myself in leading everyone to the Buddha Dharma listening sessions and to learn from precious books such as the ‘The Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation” and ‘Learning from the Buddha” regardless of inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow. It requires determination and persistence on the path of self-cultivation. There were times that some Buddhist brothers and sisters dissipated, regressed, or strayed away from following the Dharma. I would bring it to their attention and advise them on that. Together with other Buddhist brothers and sisters, we did our best in chanting sutras for the deceased whenever we got the chance to participate. We donated the proceeds from those events to releasing living beings.
I also advocated at home the practices of no-kill and releasing living beings.
There was a time that a friend bought us a box of crabs. My husband was happy and ready to indulge himself in having a meal of those crabs.  I asked him nicely to release them back to the wild when I sensed that they were about to suffer but he refused. Every living being was my family. How could I not do anything when they were about to be cooked?
My husband asked me to make dinner around dinner time. I laid in bed crying with my limbs moving randomly in the air. My husband was in shock and asked me what happened. I rolled myself around in bed even more and told him that countless crabs were asking me to save them and how they pinched me when I didn’t agree to it, which hurt very bad. I asked him to release those crabs to save me for the sake of me being his wife. He agreed reluctantly to release them after he saw how much I suffered. My “sufferings’ were instantly alleviated. It was my way of improvising a rescue plan for those crabs. It was also a result of listening respectfully to the Buddha Dharma that I started to have benevolence and compassion, refraining myself from killing lives and protecting them.
Time flies. The result over the past six years of learning Buddha Dharma and cultivating myself has surpassed that of the past sixty years of dream-like lifestyle. In comparison with the haze of confusion in the past, the goal of my cultivation has great clarity, which is to benefit living beings and end the cycle of birth and death. I’m thankful for the opportunity of learning orthodox Buddha Dharma. I’m determined to diligently cultivate myself to achieve liberation to benefit myself and others. It would be very foolish of me not to take advantage of this great opportunity to learn the Buddha Dharma and cultivate myself, wouldn’t it?


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第三世多杰羌佛聖量 佛陀同意我留下來





  那時,虛空都是綠色和紅顏色的光,我與光匯在一起, 我心想,是的!圓滿!這是圓滿了!念佛吧!我結上手印,稱念南無阿彌陀佛,祈求阿彌陀佛來接我。








第三世多杰羌佛聖量 佛陀同意我留下來

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第三世多杰羌佛聖量 淹死的蜜蜂長起翅膀飛走了

一個下午我經過了泳池邊,發現了一只淹死的蜜蜂,打撈起來放在地板上,它身體已僵硬死掉了,佛陀上師(三世多杰羌佛)走過來慈悲地持誦幾句咒語,加持它,大概兩分鐘蜜蜂竟然從腳開始動起來,但是卻發現大概蜜蜂是被別的動物咬斷了一只翅膀而掉進泳池淹死的,只留下了一只翅膀,當時廣慧師姐聽到了也趕過來看。三世多杰羌佛自言自語地說:“唉!既然活過來了,少了一只翅膀,那就太可憐了!怎麽辦呢?太慘!太慘!再長一翅膀就好了!”佛陀上師法語剛落下,突然看到,天啊!蜜蜂的另一只翅膀長出來了!我與廣慧師姐簡直是驚呆了,當時看著蜜蜂展動了幾下翅膀,用嘴巴清理足和翩動雙翅,大概半分鐘,就像直升機一般飛走 了,我們感動得就地向佛陀上師頂禮,佛陀上師卻說:“這與我無關,我哪裏有這功德,是你們的成就,是你們,是你們!”這是我們再一次親眼見到真正佛陀的證 量威德展現。

                                                                               佛弟子 釋定慧  

                                                                               佛弟子 釋廣慧             



第三世多杰羌佛正法, 第三世多杰羌佛法音, 第三世多杰羌佛返老回春, 第三世多杰羌佛辦公室, 第三世多杰羌佛獲世界和平獎, 第三世多杰羌佛藝術, 

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Inconceivable True Examples of Causality —killing fishes

Inconceivable True Examples of Causality —killing fishes

This true example is the personal experience of Mr. Tsai who lives in Donggang Township of Pingtung County, told by himself. He is 41 years old this year. He owns a metal processing factory and also does the business of yacht renting. His financial situation is quite good and he also has a very happy family. Because he has grown up by the sea, he is very good at swimming. In the past, he rescued quite a few people who either unintentionally fell into water or were trying to commit suicide. Therefore, he can be regarded as a warm-hearted kind person. However, he also is addicted to a hobby, which is his passion for diving and shooting fish in his spare time. He said that when shooting the fish, he mostly aimed at the fish’s belly. This is because other parts of the fish have thick and hard muscles and thus it is not easy to penetrate through the fish. The fish has a better chance to escape. If the fish is shot at the belly, its intestine would quickly burst out while the fish is struggling. In that case, it will be very easy to catch the fish. For several years, he always engaged in such activities as a favorite pastime and did not feel anything improper in doing so at all.
On the 20thday of the 12thmonth of the lunar calendar of 1981, an unfortunate incident finally occurred. On that day, his friend drove a motorcycle to take him to Wandan Town to handle some matter. At 7 pm when they were on the way of returning to Donggang, their motorcycle had a face-on collision with an oncoming truck. After falling to the ground, Mr. Tsai was run over by the truck’s rear wheel on his abdomen. Right there, he burst open in the middle and all his entrails gushed out. The bloody wound was too miserable to look at. At that time, although Mr. Tsai had suffered such a severe injury, his mind was still quite clear. He saw that the miserable wound he had suffered was almost the same as the situation of the fish being shot at the belly. Then, he immediately realized how painful, tormented, sad, and angry the fish’s feeling was at the time of being shot!
Right after, his friends immediately took him to several well-known big hospitals in the city of Kaohsiung one by one. But the hospitals all declined to admit him due to the severity of his injury. Mr. Tsai could not stand their lack of morality of saving life and scolded them furiously. Later, he was brought to Surgeon Chiu’s clinic, where he was accepted after repeated earnest requests. After being treated for one week, he was still not out of the critical condition. He was then transferred to Surgeon Xiao’s clinic to take another chance. With the doctor’s meticulous treatment and care, his life was finally saved. Altogether, he had five surgeries, with three in the abdomen, one at the perineum, and one on his right thigh. The treatments had to reconnect his intestines, ureter, and the broken thigh bone. He was hospitalized for seven months before returning home to continue recuperating.
His experience of getting his life back from the near-death ordeal was regarded as a miracle by many medical professionals as well as his family members and relatives. People all believed that this probably had to do with Mr. Tsai’s good deeds of saving the lives of several people in the past. However, the unfortunate fact is that one who saves people but on the other hand, also kills fish for enjoyment still cannot escape from the due retribution. This incident is truly worthy of pondering deeply by people in the world to introspect themselves.

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